harris home customer experience
“Many homeowners just don’t realize how complex a total room renovation can be,” says Scott Junkins, president of Harris Home. “So many elements need to be coordinated carefully.  Having one team of professionals who can handle the entire process eliminates a lot of problems.”

Let’s say you’ve had a grand inspiration for completely remodeling your home or maybe just two or three rooms. How hard can it be to turn your mind’s beautiful vision into reality, right? If you utter the words, “We’ll do it ourselves,” you should pay attention to the inner voice that’s screaming, “This is way more difficult than you could ever imagine!”

Here are just a few nightmares to avoid:

Finding contractors. How many strangers do you want tromping through your house, randomly guessing what it might cost for all the jobs to redo your room? A dozen or two? Is the guy who fixed your neighbor’s garage wall really qualified to modernize your kitchen? Harris Home has accredited, experienced contractors who specialize in supervising detailed room transformations.

Cost estimate. Many contractors guesstimate the possible cost of a renovation based on similar jobs they’ve already done, or on average budgets from other homes. If they guessed too low, that’s too bad, because you already signed a contract. You’ll just have to absorb the shock and hope for the best. The experts at Harris Home consider all the materials you’ll need for your specific project before providing you with a total renovation cost. From that point on, the bottom line only varies if you change your mind.

Seeing the plans. With some contractors, you’ll be lucky to ever lay eyes on a blueprint. You just have to trust that it will match your vision. With Harris Home, your personal consultant reviews your plans with you and provides a custom 3-D rendering of the finished room. This way you know everything looks just as you wanted.

Finding samples. How many stores will you need to visit to find samples for cabinets, countertops, flooring, and lighting? That list could grow quickly if you do it yourself, so get ready to do some driving. But with your Harris Home design consultant, they’ll gather and present all the options you wish, all in the comfort of the Harris Home gallery.

Managing everything. If you want to juggle all the subcontractor schedules while balancing work and a family, good luck. It is possible to have a life while you remodel when you choose Harris Home. Your Customer Specialist is a seasoned project manager who coordinates the entire timetable and all labor.

“We created Harris Home to eliminate the nightmares you’ll encounter if you attempt your own renovation,” says Junkins. “We manage everything, from concept to finished product. That’s the worry-free beauty of our total transformation experience.”