flooring wood to tile transition
Wood to Tile Flooring“The most successful room designs start with a careful flooring choice,” says Scott Junkins, president of Harris Home. “Your floor is always visible, and it’s the anchor for all renovation decisions.  Imagine every room from the ground up.” He should know because Harris has provided flooring excellence throughout the Upstate for more than 70 years.

When you’re considering a complete renovation of any room in your home, it’s common to think in terms of wall colors, fabric patterns, or specific pieces of furniture.  A lot of people become focused on one design detail…and lose sight of the big picture. Actually, the best place to begin planning your vision may be right under your feet.

There are so many flooring options, how do you possibly decide? When you choose Harris Home for a transformative renovation, your personal design expert will help guide you creatively, coordinating paint, fabrics, furniture, and all the other details to beautifully complement your room’s flooring. Together, you can consider a balance of aesthetics, traffic flow, and maintenance.  Here’s a brief guide to the broad categories of flooring available.

Carpet – Soft luxury for any room. There are so many choices of colors, patterns, and textures. And you can choose how durable or stain-resistant you want it to be. Vacuuming and cleanings are part of having carpet, and it might not be ideal for areas with kids and pets.

Hardwood – Whether it’s oak, walnut, or even maple, natural hardwood is gorgeous and feels great. Temperatures, moisture, and stains are factors to consider, as are dents and scuffs.  Moderate maintenance is required.  Engineered hardwood can be more durable, and comes in countless varieties.

Laminate – This is a durable choice. It has layers of construction, topped with a high-definition photo layer instead of a real hardwood veneer. Laminate stands up to pets, kids, and high traffic, and comes in a wide variety of colors and grains.  Cleaning is easy, and it resists fading.

Luxury Vinyl – Layered PVC construction provides great durability and good looks, and it is softer to walk on. It’s generally a quite affordable option.  Plus, it’s waterproof, so it’s great for high-moisture areas (or spills).

Tile – Choices include stone, porcelain, and even ceramic. It’s ideal for kitchens and baths but could work in almost any room.  Tile gives customers the ability to be creative. It comes in many different sizes and patterns to give a room personality. Plus, tile is timeless and durable, cleans easily, and looks beautiful.

“Take your time selecting just the right flooring,” says Junkins.  “Harris Home offers countless options for the foundation of your dream renovation.  Let our professionals guide you to just the right product for your room’s feel and function.”  Not to mention the beauty your home deserves.