discussing flooring options
“In my experience with customers going through the renovation process as their flooring partner, I’ve seen far too many projects fall short of expectations,” says Scott Junkins, owner of Harris Home. “Lack of planning, poor communication, and exceeding preliminary budgets are all contributing factors to an unpleasant customer experience.”

So, you’ve finally decided it’s time for a major room renovation in your home. Major—as in moving walls and changing absolutely everything for a transformed look and feel. How in the world do you begin? And how do you find all the specialists necessary to handle a thousand details in that process? Simply starting to think about the process and doing it on your own can be exhausting.

Managing such a project on your own can be an all-consuming job. Getting price comparisons from multiple contractors and more sub-contractors can require 20 or more people in your home. That would only be to get an estimate, which are guesses based on other jobs. Finding samples for your room means traveling to several stores and one wrong choice can skew your budget, even before you’ve seen the first sketch. Add in juggling the schedules of all the different crews, and your “dream project” could quickly become a full-time nightmare…that doesn’t resemble your dream at all.

“With Harris Home, we created a solution for these renovation challenges,” says Junkins. “We combine every detail of your custom room transformation into a logical, managed process, complete with your own personal Customer Specialist. Think of us as a renovation concierge that handles everything. All you need to do is approve.”

Whether it’s your living room, bedroom, bath, or kitchen, the Harris Home transformation begins with collaboration. Based on your style, story, and vision, their accredited interior designer and the team will create inspiring concepts, bringing your unique ideas to life. They’ll help you choose all the flooring, cabinets, lighting, and one-of-a-kind details to make your space both beautiful and functional.

When your plan is in place, you’ll review the total renovation cost, plus see drawings and a detailed 3-D rendering of your room design. Your Customer Specialist then coordinates all the subcontractor scheduling, from demolition to finished painting, and stays on-site to oversee the timeliness and quality of all renovation work. It’s complete project management, with open communication at every step. Meanwhile, you can go about your daily life, while your expert sweats the details.

Best of all, you’ll have a breathtaking room that matches your plans and fulfills your vision. “Your home is where memories are made, and our goal is to deliver a customer experience beyond all expectations,” says Junkins. When you’re ready to treat your home to a truly innovative transformation, discover exciting new renovation possibilities. Open the door to more…with Harris Home.