“We see so many homeowners who try to undertake huge interior redesign projects on their own,” says Scott Junkins, president of Harris Home.  “Most of them quickly realize it’s far more complex than they thought. Our company manages the entire process, so the results fully match their vision.”

Everyone has that one room that they’ve been dying to reinvent! Although the temptation is to dive right in and start…would your renovation goal be accomplished successfully?

Here are some tips to consider before starting any interior renovation:

Professional consultation with one company.  You could interview several unknown contractors and hope they can do what you want.  Or you could consult with one proven company that specializes in completing entire renovation projects, from concepts to gorgeous rooms.  Harris Home will take in the scope of your desires and propose a comprehensive timeline.

See plans and know the total cost.  It’s a bad idea to begin a renovation without having a complete plan for the finished product. Your Harris Home consultant will incorporate your ideas into a finished blueprint and show you a custom 3-D rendering before any work begins.  And you’ll see a total budget that covers all the expenses of your project, based on the labor required and materials you’ve chosen.  You have final approval over every step.

Select products with a certified designer.  Spare yourself the hassle of driving to multiple stores to find samples for flooring, paint, cabinets, fixtures, and other project necessities.  Your personal Harris Home designer will gather the samples you desire and present them to you in a relaxed atmosphere.  You’ll have the option to view them at the Harris design center, or in the comfort of your home.  With their skilled guidance, you can coordinate the elements you need to make your room complete.

Have a project manager.  Having your own on-site project coordinator is a vital part of the Harris Home experience. They’ll manage material delivery and handle the scheduling of every subcontractor for the entire process.  Plus, they’ll stay in constant communication, so you’ll be fully informed about your transformation progress.

Relax and enjoy.  Trying to do everything yourself is a guaranteed bundle of stress.  The Harris Home professionals will oversee every stage of your dream project, so you can live your life without constant remodeling headaches.  Their goal is to make sure your vision becomes a reality.

“Total interior transformation doesn’t need to be a personal chore,” says Junkins.  “We have a team of experts who will take the renovation burden off your shoulders.  And, most importantly, you’ll have the breathtaking room you’ve always desired, with service beyond your imagination.”