bright living room

bright living room

Summertime is here and we are definitely feeling the heat wave. When you need to escape to cooler air, your home shouldn’t be last on the list. Here are a few ways that you can cool your home from the inside out.

Remember all that “spring cleaning” you did? Well, that was just preparing you for the months to come. Avoiding clutter is the least expensive way to allow air flow in your home. Cleaning up and removing barriers around your sitting and entertainment spaces will allow the circulation of air in the room. If possible, make your main gathering area where there is minimal direct sunlight. If your home does not allow the repositioning of furniture or certain spaces in your home, consider renovation. Knocking down a wall or two, will allow air flow in areas that may be blocking the cool breeze you need. Additionally, a ceiling fan can be a small investment with a big difference. The more minimalistic and spacious your home is, the cooler your house will be.

Maybe it’s time for change? Dark colors trap heat, so consider using lighter and brighter colors to deflect sunlight. Using cotton and linen fabric will also give your home a fresh and breezy feel. Avoid thick leather chairs or couches, these will release the heat trapped in your furniture, and we all know the feeling of sticking to a surface on a hot day. Yuck! Not only is seating important, but flooring helps too! Materials like natural stone, cement, porcelain, and marble is a cooler alternative for the summer months. Your feet and your sanity will appreciate it.

While we are not completely against letting the light in, it is time to change those lightbulbs. Regular incandescent lightbulbs run at 327 degrees, while fluorescent lightbulbs create over 90% less heat. Meaning, your lightbulbs are making your dwelling places warmer than you think. Whether it be overhead lighting or small lighting fixtures in your home, consider making the small switch of changing lightbulbs or changing your lighting fixtures.

Renovating and rearranging in your home can be the one change you need to freshen up your home and enjoy the summer sun without the unbearable humidity. Our experts at Harris Home can guide you in making your visions come to life. So, call us or stop by our showroom. Let us help you Open the Door to More!


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