Congratulations! You’re expecting! With a baby on the way, that makes for an exciting time to decorate and get everything prepped for your newborn’s arrival. This may include some minor renovation projects or major ones. Here are some projects you’ll need to complete with a little help from Harris Home.
The Nursery
Although your baby will most likely spend the first 6 months in a bassinet next to your bed, it’s still a great time to prepare and design your nursery. Our Interior Designer, Anna Cheek, designed this beautiful pink nursery for a baby girl in Greenville.  We started with necessities like sturdy and convenient furniture and comfortable bedding.

This nursing chair feels so luxurious without taking up too much space, and it comes with an outlet for a USB, perfect for late-night charging.

We personalized the space by choosing fun, Parisian-inspired artwork for the walls, custom curtains, and elegant lighting. This nursery is a cozy spot for both mom and baby to bond and enjoy nap time.

Let’s look at flooring.
Before your little one starts crawling, you must ensure your floors are safe and easy to clean. A surface like hardwood needs days to cure after a refinish. This should be scheduled before the baby arrives due to the potential fumes the product may give off. You can also choose a different type of flooring like a luxury vinyl plank. With a similar look to hardwood, LVP does not need days to cure, as it’s installed and ready within the same day. It’s environmentally friendly and easy to clean.

You can also choose from a huge selection of luxury carpets at Harris Home. Creating a soft surface in a bedroom or den is a great option for newborns. Choose from a beautiful neutral palette to transition easily throughout your home, or a fun pattern that will make playtime extra special.

Lastly, any kitchen or bathroom repairs need to be addressed quickly. From broken cabinets to sharp corners, you’ll want to consult one of our experts on the best option for replacement. A baby-friendly latch door or new hardware is an easy fix for minor changes. You’ll also want to ensure your sink is deep enough for your baby’s first bath and invest in a tall faucet with an attachment for easy and gentle rinsing.
If you need a renovation or interior design before your baby arrives, we encourage you to call or stop by our showroom at 51 Civic Center Blvd Ext, in Anderson. Our experienced team members are standing by and ready to help.