Interior Design Consultation - Harris Home Renovation and Design services in Anderson, SC
Interior Design Consultation - discussing functional space“A home is the largest single investment most people will ever make,” says Scott Junkins, president of Harris Home. “You live there every day. Each room should look, feel and function just the way you want. We can make that happen.”

When you own a house, there’s a good chance that one or two rooms aren’t exactly what you wanted.  They may be outdated, the layout is inefficient, doors or walls might be in the wrong place.  But it’s yours, so shouldn’t you just learn to accept the imperfections?  Absolutely not!

When it’s time to make interior modifications, your smartest move is to consult a professional.  A Harris Home customer specialist will examine your rooms, listen to your wish list, and develop plans to transform any area into the beautiful, functional space you want it to be.  The ultimate goal is to create a room that serves exactly the purpose you desire, with style and comfort.

Do you want to convert a spare bedroom into an office?  Eliminate a wall to combine a living room and dining room?  Completely modernize a kitchen, floor to ceiling?  The possibilities are endless, and Harris has seasoned experts to guide the entire process.  You’ll see blueprints and computer models, so there’s no guessing how the finished functional space will look.  You’ll review and approve the entire budget before any work begins.  And you’ll have a personal project coordinator to handle every detail.

A Harris Home interior designer will help you choose all the elements necessary to make your room complete.  You’ll select samples for flooring, lighting, cabinets, fabrics, and wall colors.  Pleasing aesthetics are a vital part of a room’s total function; if every component pleases the eye, the whole room will have more appeal.  If the room looks and “feels” right, it simply adds more comfort.

The beauty of having Harris Home renovate your interior space is that the team handles literally every aspect of the process.  After planning and design choices are complete, your coordinator manages each phase of the project, including all the crew schedules.  They’ll be in constant contact with you with progress updates, so you don’t need to worry when the electrician or painters, or flooring installers will arrive.  Go to work, enjoy your family, and breathe easy.

“When all the spaces in your home are functioning to their fullest, your home is more welcoming,” says Junkins.  “We can create that for you in any room…and do it with a level of service that exceeds your wildest expectations.  That’s why we invented Harris Home—to deliver worry-free, breathtaking renovations.”

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